Janko produces, co-writes and plays guitar on Vesuveo's 2011 album "Shine"

Janko Radosavljevic produced, co-wrote and played guitar on 3 songs featured on Vesuveo's album Shine. Vesuveo first broke on the scene in the mid 90's with Moonshine and The Anonymous, the critically acclaimed underground hip hop groups he founded. Since then, he's worked with Eminem, Mystic, Cut Chemist, Medusa and Dilated Peoples. His top 10 hit "Green and Gold" by The Anonymous featuring Eminem, Vesuveo & Able remains an underground classic. Released by Supatunes in 2011, Vesuveo's album Shine features production by Vesuveo, Zinndeadly, Withope, Janko Radosavljevic, Stupid Genius and Production by 1000. Chuck D of Public Enemy said, "It's a great record. Shine shines."